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Trek bikes last!

Here's an excerpt from our new Cycling Guide. If you didn't get your FREE copy, come pick one up at the store. To reserve a copy for pickup (while supplies last) please send us an email.

The Mt. Track is very adjustable!

Kids' Series Ages 9-12.
Trek knows what kids this age want: full-featured bikes in a size they can handle. The Mt. Track 220 is a mini mountain bike with a light aluminum frame and a front suspension fork - just like big bikes. The Trek Kids' series Ages 9-12 ranges from $290 to $660. Shown: Mt. Track 220, $290

Biking brings smiles to your child's face!

Five Reasons To Buy Your Kid's Bike From Us

We'll make sure you get the right bike, in the right size, with the right safety gear. Mass merchants sell bikes the way they sell everything else

Quality. Trek bikes use the best materials and components, from the tires to the frames to the handlebars. They last through several children and make a fun, safe investment.

Assembly. Department store bikes suffer from cheap parts and amateur assembly. Our professional mechanics make sure every detail is perfect, and that your kids' bikes are safe.

Adjustments. Just as with adults, a proper fit is one of the keys to enjoyable, safe riding. We make sure everything on the bike fits perfectly, especially as your child grows.

We're here. Whatever you need — maintenance, information about local riding, ideas for birthday presents — we're here to share our cycling knowledge and passion.

The Trek Jet is built to last!

Kids' Series Ages 6-9.
Now that your kids are riding more than ever, they need fun, reliable bikes that they (and you) can count on. The Jet 20 and Mystic 20 are just the ticket. Trek Kids' series Ages 6-9 ranges from $190 to $260. Shown: Jet 20, $190


Trek kids can ride in comfortable clothes too!
Girls can be comfortable and cute in this Trek ensemble. The (1) Trek Vapor Youth Helmet, $39.99, has 24 vents to keep kids feeling as cool as they look. With its outer skirt and inner short, the (2) Trek Girls' Skort, $39.99, has fun style and practical manners. The comfy material of the (3) Waterloo Girls' Classic Jersey, $29.99, provides UV 50 protection, while rear pockets hold a cell phone and other necessities of modern childhood.


Trek's Mystic will fit her perfectly!

Kids' Series Ages 4-6.
The Mystic 16, Jet 16 and Float are the perfect bikes to get your kids
cycling. The Float has removable cranks so kids can learn to ride "scooter style" before they start pedaling. All Trek Kids' bikes are built to last through multiple munchkins. The Trek Kids' series Ages 4-6 ranges from $150 to $260. Shown: Mystic 16, $150


Trek kids are happy kids!

Trek bikes are built to last through multiple kids. Every part is adjustable, repairable or easily changeable — a great value in this disposable age. Buy a Trek from us, and we'll keep it running forever.